The unique multisensory experience

Happy Senso wants to help contribute giving stimulus processing the attention it deserves. Of course in a HAPPY way. The multisensory gel itself contributes in a very nice way to sensory processing. After the launch in Vienna 2017, in 2018 Happy Senso got nominated for the Healthcare Innovation Award and the first steps outside of Europe were made together with a huge developement in the Happy Senso range creating more and more different variants.

The ARTIST set

The Happy Senso Artist variants have the same unique multisensory properties of the Original variants, but with an extra feature: each have their own color. This provides an extra dimension and also new application possibilities. The colors can also be mixed together into new colors.

The Artist range is available in the following variants:

– Mint Fresh + Green
– Tropical + Yellow
– Neutral + Blue
– Sweetness + Red/pink
– Passion + Orange

Some practical tips: Always shake the can extra well before use. The colors stand out best on a light background. The colors can easily be washed out of clothing, even at 30 degrees and the colorant is of course non-toxic.


Happy Senso is a gel with multi-sensory properties. It stimullates multiple senses all at once and its intensity can be varied by applying it in several ways. You can hear, feel, smell and see it. There is also a cooling effect on the skin. A wonderful product for sensory stimulation. It’s fun to use, makes eyes shine with enthusiasm and provides beautiful contact moments. Happy Senso is of the highest quality and has been dermatologically tested. Highly appreciated by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, remedial therapists and speech therapists. If you are interested in receiving digital materials about several kinds of techniques to apply Happy Senso, just send an e-mail to

We wish you a lot of HAPPY moments.

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