Happy Senso Artist set | all 5 Artist variants



The Happy Senso Artist set consists of 5 variants that are exactly like the original Happy Senso set in terms of scent, each with its own added color as an extra feature. The colors orange, yellow, red, blue and green give the Happy Senso an extra dimension. It creates new possibilities, both individually and together. And this combined with the unique multi-sensory properties that make the multi-sensory Happy Senso gel always a fantastic tool for sensory stimulation. The colors can also be mixed with each other to create even more new colors. Mixing the colors and the transition from the colors into new colors is a intersting experience itself with a very special touch.

This set contains all 5 Happy Senso Artist variants:

  • Happy Senso Passion 300ml (Orange)
  • Happy Senso Tropical 300ml (Yellow)
  • Happy Senso Neutral 300ml (Blue)
  • Happy Senso Mint Fresh 300ml (Green)
  • Happy Senso Sweetness 300ml (Pink|Red)


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